The Coming Year for NAMS

The recent Global Leadership Assembly (GLA) mentioned last week set a firm course for NAMS over the next sixteen months. The leaders from around the world, together with the global Council of Directors and the NAMS Executive Team sketched out organizational changes, but our mission and ministry remains the same: We are servants of the Church and we seek first the kingdom of God. Obeying the Great Commission we make disciples of all nations. When God opens the doors we help plant new churches.

Seven new positions were announced. All will be filled by existing NAMS Companions:

Three Regional Executive Officers (REO), who will each have the delegated oversight of five NAMS Mission Regions. Those chosen for these positions will be announced before year end. These will be the men through whom the Servant General will work to distribute the ministry of NAMS in the coming season.

A Global Executive Officer (GEO) will be chosen by the end of June 2016. This position, when filled, will have the oversight of all NAMS global work. He will step into most of what the Servant General has done in the first twenty-two years of NAMS’ life and ministry. He will oversee the three REOs, and lead the global mission and ministry of NAMS.

The GEO will be assisted by three new staff positions: A Global Operations Officer (GOO), a Global Administration Officer (GAO), and a Global Development Officer (GDO). For the time being these last three are all volunteer positions.

The Servant General will continue in office as the global “face” of NAMS, but his work will become principally to be the “Steward of the NAMS Vision.” He will be available to the GEO as needed. He will also remain Chairman of the Global Council of Directors through 2020, God willing.

We intend to install the new GEO liturgically at the NAMS global Novena, sometime between 18 and 26 October 2016, and see him fully functioning in the new position at NAMS International Headquarters by January 2017.

As God continues to expand and strengthen our global ministry, these new positions just add to our ability to stay focused on our primary purpose and calling. May the Lord Jesus guide us always.


The Coming Year for NAMS

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