Global Mission Stories (II) — Global Internship.

Isaac Lasky was raised in the United Kingdom, discipled in one of our partner church plants, and recruited to join NAMS as an intern to serve in Thailand. Two years of hard work and ministry in Bangkok has now blossomed into a plan to expand internships worldwide in partnership with the NAMS community. Isaac is 24 years old.


The vision that has been birthed in him calls for us to pray that at least two interns could be found for each of our global Base Communities. They will be part of a global joint training program, and will serve for two years with NAMS under the direct supervision of one of our Regional Team Leaders. Hopefully many of them will hear a life time call to global mission, and some, we pray will become NAMS Companions.

Isaac is building a team of young leaders who will help in this missionary adventure, and he will base his global work directing them in Bangkok. He is now back in England visiting his family and friends, while raising support for his work among the nations.

The cost of developing this new ministry will largely be borne by those called to the internships. Each will raise prayer support and financial support. NAMS global funds will undergird their efforts, but not supplant them.

Will you pray about helping? Will you consider making a monthly gift for one of these interns? The need will vary by region of the world. In developed lands the work will require more than in other places. We are estimating the need to be between $5,000 and $15,000 for each intern, and we are praying to have at least ten interns in 2017.

If you would like to support an intern in a particular region, please let us know. We have developing plans for Thailand, South Africa, Chile, Spain, Nepal, Myanmar, France, and Egypt. There will also be openings for select interns here in North America.

NAMS is pioneering for the kingdom of God. We pray to go to every nation. Will you help us please. For the sake of Christ Jesus?

Can you make a regular monthly gift to us to help spread the kingdom of God?


Global Mission Stories (II) — Global Internship.

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