The First Great Commission Cell

When NAMS was just beginning its public ministry, the Lord showed us that we were to utilize a structure called “A Great Commission Cell.” It was a title we had never heard anywhere else, and we have come to see its meaning as: “Two or three gathered in Jesus name to discover their obedience to the great Final Command, and then to begin to do it.”

This year it has occurred to me that Mary & Joseph on the way to Bethlehem were just such a cell of faith.

Mary heard the call first. You are to bear my Son, the Messiah. And she said “Let it be.” Joseph, like many a man, did not at first understand, but he too came to see the call. And so there were two.

Everything we know and share in the glorious kingdom of God that has dawned upon us, we owe to that small beginning. Two would become three. The birth that came in the midst of their faithful devotion and service changed the world. The universe declares the glory of that birth.

Beginning any new work for God starts the same way, we have found at NAMS. Some faithful person hears from the Lord himself. “This needs to be done my daughter.” Or: “You must go there my son.” Sometimes the first companion is present immediately, and sometimes the word is carried “secretly in the heart.” But in time there are two who believe, then three, then a work begins to form. God the great Creator begins to build the church of Jesus in another place, another home, another nation.

This year closes another chapter in the NAMS mission and ministry with all of us who are part of the community, around the world, grateful for each and every one of you reading this blog. We send it out week by week praying it will be a blessing, and asking the good Lord to prosper the work of your hands. We pray you are daily engaging in the work that the Father has uniquely prepared for you to walk in. And we long to see more and more of you joining us (as God wills) in this astounding mission – to reach to the ends of the earth with the good news of Jesus Christ, the Crucified and Risen Lord of all nations.

Remember too, no work done for the Lord is unknown to him. No work done in obedience to his call is too small to matter. And “no promise of the Lord is too good to be true,” as DL Moody once famously said.

Let Mary & Joseph remind you now and always, new life begins small. But the new life that the Lord brings will one day encompass the whole earth. Join him.

The First Great Commission Cell

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