Will You Join the “24/12/6/3” Challenge?

When someone asks what I want for NAMS in the New Year, I have been answering: “Faithful disciples who will help us further the calling of Christ Jesus through our mission and ministry.” We are helping the whole Church of Jesus be faithful to the Final Command, but we need more friends, intercessors, and supporters. Might you be one of them? I would like to challenge you to be become one, by helping us in one of four categories. Especially if you are reading this in North America.

First, we are praying for 24 new Supporting Congregations.

The new Anglican movement in North America is said to number about 1000 congregations at the present time. We are praying that 24 of them would add giving to NAMS to their budget in the coming year. Can you influence your congregation to do this? Is your congregation giving to global mission in a significant way? Can some portion be directed to NAMS?

Second, we are praying for 12 new Centurion Cohorts.

A Centurion Cohort is a group of disciples, in the local church, that has taken a simple covenant to be part of obeying the Final Command of Jesus right where they now live. They serve their parish, they learn to be disciple-making disciples, they pray for the global mission of the gospel, they give monthly for that purpose, and they pray to add one new Centurion each year, by their own efforts. Centurions are the building blocks of our global network. Could you be called to this in your town or city?

Third, we are praying to establish 6 new Base Communities.

A Base Community is a small group of men and women praying and working actively, in partnership with NAMS, to build a community that will regularly and consistently incubate, train, and release church planting disciples to spread the kingdom of God, and always in obedience to the Final Command of Jesus. Are you called to this?

Fourth, we are praying for each NAMS Companion to raise up 3 new Companions.

NAMS Companions are members of our Society who have covenanted to share a common calling and ministry in submission to our Lord Jesus within the framework of our Rule & Order. Not all Christians are called to be pioneering missionaries, but some are. And not all pioneering missionaries are called to join a religious order like NAMS, but some are. Could this be you?

Well, will you take the challenge? Will you help us? Will you pray for these things to be accomplished? Will you give yourself to being part of the answer to your prayers?

— Jon Shuler

Will You Join the “24/12/6/3” Challenge?

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