“How To Do It”  

One of the men I have been discipling for the last few years recently stopped me in my tracks, as we were discussing an upcoming meeting of our local Centurion Cohort, when he said:Don’t tell us more about the idea of being a disciple-making disciple, we are with you. Tell us how to do it.”

The more we talked, the more painful it was to me. “How can you not understand?” I thought to myself. “It is so clear.” But my brother loves me and was seriously trying to get me to understand. To him it is not so clear.

I have prayed over that conversation with deep pleading to the Lord.

God made me an intuitive personality, so I am reasonably quick to figure out what to do once I have clarity about the outcome desired. I try something and it does not work, I keep trying till I figure it out. I almost never read the instructions when given a box with something to assemble. I look at the picture and then I just assemble it.

On the principle of “doing unto others as you would have them do to you” I have a hard time giving concrete and specific directions. When I teach that Jesus wants each of us to be disciples who are making disciples, I assume that makes the next steps clear. You find someone who wants to learn, and you begin to meet with them. You talk about life, and bring the truth of Jesus and his word to bear on the discussion. You love one another, and hold one another accountable. You pray to be multiplied. Simple.

But for so many it is not.

Over the next few weeks I am going to try, again, to clarify what I believe obedience to the great Final Command of Jesus (to “make disciples of all peoples”) looks like in simple steps. If you are a long time disciple-maker, would you write me any comment or critique? If you are new to this journey, and what I write helps you, would you write to me and tell me so? I want this series to be a “how to” sequence that will really help.

Last of all, will you pray that these next few weeks of blogging actually make a difference in the lives of those who will read them around the world?


— Jon Shuler




“How To Do It”  

One thought on ““How To Do It”  

  1. Rev. Dave Kulchar says:

    Praying for you and for this clear presentation. Step by Step is good when also understand that real life is messy and rarely is the journey straight or sequencial. Sometime is one step forward two steps back or sidways. Keep preaching it. Observation: I find discipling relationship are different. Some require organic conversation, some start around common reading, and some I use booklets like “Design for Discipleship”. No two relationship or path is the same.


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