DmD Steps: One, Two & Three.

The beginning of any new path in life starts with a decision. I will walk this way, and not that way. So it is with becoming a disciple-making disciple. We must decide that we want to learn this way of Jesus, and begin to walk in it.

Step One: I ask the Lord Jesus to teach me to be a disciple who can make another disciple.

This must become my heart’s desire. I must pray this with sincerity. I must write this down on paper, and most of all in my heart. I must get serious that I will not stop praying this prayer until I know the Lord’s favor has been granted to me, and I am living the new life of a discipler. I will pray this every day.

Step Two: I look up and memorize the passages in Holy Scripture where Jesus tells me what a disciple looks like.

It is a surprise to some to discover that Jesus not only modeled this behavior in his earthly ministry, but he also explicitly taught about it. There are in fact six passages of scripture, and only six, where Jesus specifically says either “my disciple” or “my disciples” and then gives clarity to the meaning of the phrase as he uses it. Let Jesus be your teacher.

I recommend you begin with the three that are found in the Gospel of Luke. There we are told that the challenge of becoming a disciple of Jesus requires the surrender of our whole life into his hands. The place to look is Luke 14:26,27, and 33. This section is often referred to as “the cost of discipleship” passage.

There are three distinct teaching statements here, but they can all be summed up in the famous dictum of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.”

These hard sayings of Jesus that Luke records for us are not for graduate level Christians. They are for anyone who says: “Jesus is Lord.” This teaching is not the wrapping paper on a present, but the present itself. In effect our Lord says: “If you want to follow after me, your life becomes mine. You no longer are in control of it. It belongs to me. Nothing else comes before me. The will of my Father for you must become your will. For this to be so, you will experience it as death, but you will find that it leads to life.”

Memorize these three scriptures and meditate on them often.

Step Three: I find someone who understands being a disciple of Jesus to help me put this into practice.

None of us can become a disciple of Jesus without the help of someone who already is one. Find that person. Men, find a man. Women, find a woman.

DmD Steps: One, Two & Three.

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