Disciple-making Disciple Steps: Step 6

Step 6: The ministry of the discipling disciple is to be honest and transparent before the Lord Jesus, in the company of the one being discipled. You are not better, you are a brother, you are a servant.

The person discipling another is most of all showing the one being discipled what a life looks like lived in the light of the scriptures. Not a perfect life, but one struggling honestly to allow the Spirit of God to “conform them to Christ.”

The disciple-making disciple is equally as accountable to the Lord as is the one being discipled. Both are accountable under the word of God.

In a very short time, the two will find they are not any longer “one up, one down,” but two on the road side by side. Either may “speak the truth of the Lord” to the other, at any moment. They are listening with the ears of their hearts for the glorious sweet voice of Jesus.

What happens when you meet? The ordinary things of the day, the events of the week, are discussed prayerfully. What does the Word of the Lord have to say about this? What is Jesus speaking to you? Have you heard his voice this week? What has he revealed to your heart?

Then the truth God has revealed in Jesus is brought to bear upon the subjects that you have talked about. It is turned into prayer. That is it. Everything is turned toward the Lord Jesus. His word. His will. His love.

The meeting will not be a burden. It will be a joy! It will be a time of expectation. “Come Lord Jesus” will be the cry of the heart of those who meet.

Disciple-making Disciple Steps: Step 6

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