Disciple-making Disciple: Step 7

Step #7. You are praying to be reproduced. You are not content until the one being discipled has begun to disciple another. They take up the ministry of being a disciple-making disciple along with you. You want them to soar, not remain dependent on you.

Perhaps the biggest difference between someone who says he is following Jesus, and a disciple-making disciple following Jesus, is that the latter is desirous of becoming part of the spread of the kingdom of God. He or she wants to be actively ensuring that the love of the Savior that has come to them goes to others. They know that means another person following Jesus. Nothing else will satisfy. They have heard the Lord Jesus teaching plainly, that if they “bear much fruit” they will “prove to be his disciples” (John 15:8). They do not want to be tested by the Lord and found to not be proved.

Many at first think this means becoming an evangelist, but this is not so. It only means intentionally finding someone to walk with on the road of discipleship, and then another, and another. This is a universal calling for the Christian. It is the same for a plumber or a school teacher. It is the same for a clergyman or a congressman. It is not about the occupation, but the vocation: the call of all believers. And this ministry path, once begun, is for life. It does not have a season.

With one person it may start when you introduce them to a life changing relationship with the Lord Jesus. With another it may be clarifying the gospel they already say they believe. With another it may be helping with the basic nurture needed after conversion, which if well done will last them a lifetime. With another it may be helping them find the equipping they need to fulfill their calling. With another it may mean helping them find the arena for their particular ministry. But with all, it will mean helping them become a reproducing disciple. There is a goal in discipling. It is that they faithfully reproduce.

The constant prayer of your heart for the one being discipled is for them to begin to disciple another.

Why? Because a disciple who is not making other disciples is not yet fully discipled. It is that simple.


Disciple-making Disciple: Step 7

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