Jesus-shaped Leaders – The 5 ‘C’s: Part 5 (by Manik Corea)

We have come to the last ‘C’ of ‘Jesus-shaped Leadership.’ Last week, we looked at ‘Competence’ – the need to develop life-skills, gifting and ability so that we can become the effective, Christ-like leaders Jesus desires us to be.

To tie together all the preceding requirements for raising healthy and multiplying leaders, I would like to end with the word ‘Commitment’. Christian leadership is akin to a marathon, and we must prepare leaders for the long-haul.

Year ago at school, I trialed in the heats of a 1.5km long-distance race. The winners would complete in the annual school Sports Day. In my mind, I had the perfect strategy to win – lead from the front all the way to the end.

When the race started, I shot to the front, while everyone else paced themselves slowly for first of the four laps round the track. I built up a commanding lead and was way out in front. During the second lap however, fatigue caught up with me. So did everyone else! I began to fall behind and by the end, I was in last position. I gave up the race by the middle of the third lap, slinking away to cower in embarrassment in the stands. I had learnt a valuable lesson the hard way: it is easier to start a race then complete it.

Jesus-shaped leaders are called to last the distance and to finish the race of faith He has started us on.

Seeking to be, and to raise leaders who are shaped by the call and Spirit of Jesus, will demand our total commitment. This is in any case, engendered in the call to consistent and genuine discipleship.

We see this for example in the Lukan version of the Parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4-15). When Jesus elaborates on the good soil that yielded a hundredfold harvest, He spoke of those who ‘hold fast to the word in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.’ Only in Luke do we see Jesus explain that disciples who are receptive of His Word and gospel will ‘bear fruit in patience.’ (Though this is certainly implied in other synoptic gospels in the idea of the growth to harvest from seed to fruit.)

In Luke 9:23, Jesus states that carrying the cross and following Him is a daily affair. Consistency is called for and there are no quick 3-step process to becoming fruit-bearing, multiplying disciples. It is a daily call and vocation.

Neither can you become a Jesus-shaped leader in a day. Or produce such.

God is patient with us, and we must be with each other. This being and becoming servant leaders is a life-term project. And it will require us to be pruned for greater growth and to be trained by trials and temptations. We must develop a perspective that is eternal, not temporary; kingdom-of-God-centered, not worldly; glorifying to God, not pleasing to self.

For all this, we need to learn to have patience, perseverance and endurance. Scripture is replete with calls for the patient endurance of faith and its development in time and trial (see Romans 5:3-4; Colossians 1:23; Hebrews 12:1-2; James 1:2-4; 1 Peter 1:6-7; Revelation 1:9).

Leadership, like discipleship, takes the long-term view of life. It will be in the words of nihilistic philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, ‘a long obedience in the same direction.’[1]

Being a leader in God’s church is not easy thing. It is demanding – carrying with it the responsibilities concomitant with the particular level of influence and gifting. Jesus stated this clearly in his maxim, ‘To whom much is given, much will be required.’ (Luke 12:48).

And such leadership will demand a commitment and perseverance that is a necessary pre-condition for bearing much fruit in the Kingdom of God. Let us then seek above all to be, and to raise, committed leaders called to run the race with patience and endurance, by God’s grace.

In the last weeks, we have seen then that these 5 ‘C’s together characterize Jesus-shaped leadership. Such leaders, in summary, are to be 1) Called by God, 2) transformed in their Character by Him, 3) filled with His anointing Charism, 4) growing in greater Competency as leaders and 5) remaining steadfast and Committed to a way of life that glorifies Him.

By His power and grace alone, so let us lead.


[1] Section five of Nietzsche’s book ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ (Gutenberg.)





Jesus-shaped Leaders – The 5 ‘C’s: Part 5 (by Manik Corea)

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