Join us for an Easter service led by Rev. Jon C Shuler

Dear NAMS Network and Friends,

The Anglican Bishop of South Carolina has asked me to step in, temporarily, to lead a parish here in my hometown called Christ the King/Grace Anglican Church. We will upload our Easter service to Youtube at 7:00am Sunday morning, US Eastern Standard Time. We would love to have you and your family join us. May the Spirit of God bless you and yours throughout this extraordinary Easter Season.

Jon Shuler
Servant General (NAMS)

The service can be accessed via this Facebook link:



Join us for an Easter service led by Rev. Jon C Shuler

Disciple-making Disciple Series — Part 7

We’ve reached the final episode in our Disciple-making Disciple Series. If you’ve not been following along, you can find the entire series here.

In this concluding part, Jon talks about the restoring power of Jesus in the lives of God’s people.


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Thank you.

Disciple-making Disciple Series — Part 7

Disciple-Making Disciples – YouTube Video Series

Continuous learning is essential for effectiveness. This is true as well in all the work that God gives his people to do. It is nowhere more true than in learning to be an effective disciple-making disciple.

NAMS was born with a God given desire to help plant disciple-making congregations. We have taught this from the beginning. But we have gone on learning how to apply this to the work he has given NAMS.

I want to introduce to you our latest contribution to this subject. We have produced a series of short You Tube Videos focused on what NAMS has learned about “Becoming Disciple-Making Disciples.”

Here is the first one. May God use it for his glory and the spread of his kingdom in Christ Jesus.

— Jon Shuler

NAMS Network YouTube Channel

Disciple-Making Disciples – YouTube Video Series

The Disciple-making Disciple

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus calls all his followers to “Go … and make disciples of all nations”, but what does that mean for us?

NAMS believes we are all called to be people who are willing to share their faith. Not only that, but to teach those with whom we share how to pass it on in kind.

This disciple-making disciple principle is one of the foundations upon which NAMS is built and we’d love the opportunity to share it with you.

We’ve put together the following video, which begins to explain the disciple-making disciple principles and introduces the upcoming disciple-making disciple courses.

If you’re interested in learning more, it’d be great to hear from you.
The Disciple-making Disciple